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We help top companies hire software engineers and CTOs.


Interesting roles

The companies we work with typically create software products rather than client websites. They care about code quality and creating a work environment where technical people thrive.

We’re technical

Had a recruiter ask if you had 10 years React experience and outstanding HTTP? We promise that wasn’t us.

Real job descriptions

We think our clients are awesome but no company is perfect. We'll tell you what’s great about a job and what's not. You’re going to figure it out anyway, so why not go in prepared?

Part of the community

We’re consistently attending industry events because we love getting to know people way before they need our help. Say hello if you see us around!


One resume, maybe two

We interview people every day so that you don’t have to. The people we send have been carefully vetted for both technical capability and cultural fit.


We take on a manageable workload and focus on filling every role. If we take on your assignment, it's a top priority.

Follow up

After the first 1, 3 and 6 months we check in to see how both the client and candidate are going. It’s part of the reason people we place stick around.

One contact, many recruiters

Have recruiters hounding you? We’ll take exclusive responsibility for placing your role, acting as a filter and single point of contact.

Connecting Them

We look ahead to emerging technologies and long term relationships. We locate the best software engineers and place them in rewarding work environments.

Our connections go deeper than most recruiters. We have grown up with technology, made it our livelihood and worked in technical roles. Then we started recruiting.

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